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O Captain! My Captain!


'O Captain! My Captain!'1

A Tale of Two Capt Jousiffes


What follows is information that we have gathered on two Jousiffes, alive in the 19th century, both of whom describe themselves as CAPTAIN.   It is probable that these are not the same person as the initials/first names would appear to be different, but stranger things have happened!

We do not yet know how or if we are  related to these two!


Wilton Morton Jousiffe

Wilton  Morten Jousiffe was married to Anne Bartlett Honibourne on 29 June 1850 in St Martin's in the Field.  At the time of their marriage Wilton declared that his profession was a captain in the Spanish Army.  Wilton was a widower, and his father Francis was declared as a Gentleman.

On the 1861 census Anne was domicile at 20 York Street, Marylebone, as a lodger.  She was married and of independent means; but where was Wilton?

WMJ marriage certificate.jpg (96753 bytes)

WMJ marriage certificate enlarge.jpg (70875 bytes)


Captain Jousiffe / M J Jousiffe

Soldier, traveler, writer and in trouble with the law!

On the right hand side is the front pages of a book called A Road-Book for Italy we know he also wrote a Road-Book for Switzerland and Chamounix and other travel guides.  Also on the right are records of a court case from 1863 where he is accused, but acquitted, of fraud.

 Capt_Jousiffe_author_case.jpg (162870 bytes)

1. Apologies to Walt Whitman (18191892).

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