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Sydney Jousiffe - wine merchant

A glass wine bottle, dated circa 1880, embossed Sydney Jousiffe, London  dug up from a Victorian rubbish tip in Edinburgh (click on the images for larger version)

        Cumberland market as it is today, however, back in 1837 this is where JOHN (James) (Joseph) JOUSIFFE and his family lived.  John was listed in 1837 , at the christening of his sons, as being a hatter!


A map showing Cumberland Market circa 1888.  
Regents Park is just off to the left.

These are the only photographs that I have of my Great Grand Parents.  As far as I know all Jousiffes alive today are related to this pair.

Fred and Annie Jousiffe



London Evening News 1946

My Grandfather carried this newspaper article around in his wallet for many years.  It shows a house in Kennington Park Place; once home of 'the Jousiffe wine merchants'.

Known as the "father of horse racing in Lambourne" Charles William Jousiffe, jockey and race horse trainer.  

This picture accompanied his obituary in the Sporting Life

Charles William Jousiffe

Seven Barrows Farm near Lambourne, Berkshire

 Home of Charles William Jousiffe and his family.  Charles died in February 1891 leaving a personal estate of over 29,000

This photograph was taken in North Adams, Massachusetts about 1886.  But who were Edward Jousiffe and his wife and when did they emigrate?

Edward Jousiffe and Wife Circa 1886?



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