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This page is designed to show some of the information that we have but have been unable or haven't found the time to pursue.


Edward Jousiffe

An extract from...

Sierra Leone Commissioners Report, 1840.

Her Majesty's Commissioners to Viscount Palmerston.

Sierra Leone, December 31, 1840.
(Received April 13, 1841.)

... We have lately received intelligence, on which we can depend, that the notorious Edward Jousiffe, who made his escape from the gaol of this colony after his conviction as a British subject for slave-dealing, died not very long since at the Rio Pongas ...


Descendants of Francis Jousiffe

1 Francis Jousiffe

..... 2 Wilton Morten Jousiffe 
            Occupation: June 29, 1850 Captain in the Spanish Army

......... +Unknown

..... *2nd Wife of Wilton Morten Jousiffe:

......... +Anne Bartlett Honibourne 
            m: June 29, 1850 in Parish Church of St Martins in the Field, Middx         
            Residence: June 29, 1850 St Mary, Dover, Kent

Comment.  Francis was declared as a 'gentleman' on Wilton's marriage certificate, this indicates that he had sufficient private funds so as not to have to work.  It is possible that Wilton was a mercenary with the Spanish army.

Richard Jousiffe

1 Richard Jousiffe - 1880

   d: Bef. 1880

.. +Sarah Georgina 1801 - 1880

    b: 1801

    d: 1880 in 6 Carlton Square, Hatchem, London

Victoria S M Jousiffe

1 Victoria S M Jousiffe 1904 -

Edith Elizabeth Jousiffe

1 Edith Elizabeth Jousiffe 1875 -

   b: 1875 in Greenwich

Ella Bagnet Jousiffe

1 Ella Bagnet Jousiffe 1882 -

   b: 1882 in Bromley

Comment.    The name Bagnet suggests that Ella could be descended from Charles Henry Josiffe and Eliza Fawsett Bagnett




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